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Oct 5

Re-introduction to Creativity and Collaboration - October 5 Lunch Meeting

Join us for one of the most popular speakers we've had for SummitUp! The lunch meeting will be followed by an afternoon seminar.

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Oct 5

Problem Solving and Creative Boost afternoon seminar

Our lunch speaker, Artie Isaac, will be conducting an afternoon seminar on Problem Solving & Creative Boost

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Nov 2

State of Youth Culture and Its Impact on Brands - November 2 Lunch Meeting

Join us in November for Clint! Runge of Archrival for the latest information on the impact of the youth culture.

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Public Announcements


Mosaic Update - It's Coming Together!

They say that good things come to those who wait. Well, we’ve been waiting, and now the good things are coming.

The first five tiles of the AAF-Dayton Mosaic have been created and are being assembled. Below is the center tile, created by Roxann Patrick of the Ohlmann Group, and just a tease of the four surrounding tiles. We’re not going to reveal those tiles until the next group of tangent tiles — now being created — have been set in place. That’s because each artist must work from thin edge slices of the tiles they adjoin without seeing the whole tile. But we’ll reveal more and more of the Mosaic as it grows as well as info about the artists and their tiles.

And speaking of growing we need more people to sign up to create their own art — and help fundraise for K-12 Gallery & TEJAS.

The AAF-Dayton Mosaic is both fun and worthwhile. So get your Van Gogh on and join the project today!