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Mar 13

SummitUp: Your Marketing Elevated

SummitUp is the region's premier conference on all facets of marketing

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Mar 13

AAF-Dayton March Lunch Speaker Todd Henry

The SummitUp Lunch speaker will be the AAF-Dayton March Lunch Speaker

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Member Application

Membership in the AAF-Dayton carries with it a number of benefits such as educational and networking opportunities, as well as the chance to make some valuable friendships.  Membership also carries with it some responsibilities.  Members are to uphold ethical standards and practices in advertising, as well as the Association’s standards for membership, and code of ethics and conduct.  

 Ad Agency
 Art Studio
 Direct Mail
 Paper Merchant
 Pre Press

I understand that by filling out this application and/or remitting payment, I have read and understand the Association’s standards for membership and will abide by said standards.  I will receive a copy of the standards for my file.  I also agree to support the principles and purposes of the Association and abide by its code of ethics and conduct.  My application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval and I will be notified of its status following the next Board meeting. 

  • To complete the Membership process, please click on Submit
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  • Which will take you to the payment screen
  • Without completing these steps, your membership will not be processed.

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